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  Wei jian mall, which is based on the Internet, the establishment of a new Internet retail brands, the company through the use of big data, advanced technology means such as artificial intelligence, the commodity production, circulation and sales process upgrading, and restore the structure of the formats and the ecosystem, and online services, offline experience and in-depth integration of modern logistics and retail new pattern. Establish O2O consumers union, and merchants alliance and the whole industry chain products by sharing platform to realize the circulation of commodities. [wei jian mall] do stereo space recycling consumption platform, wei jian in addition to the online mall the consumption side, we still have offline entities of consumption, and we are to do online delivery team for consumers, merchants and manufacturers interactive seamless docking, form a compact stereo space recirculation sharing consumer economy, lock all the cell phone terminal consumers, love wei jian mall platform, own consumption actively, upgraded to a consumer business, cross-border integration, sustainable income, wei jian mall will rewrite the global consumption concept and contribute to benefit mankind.  
【Corporate mission 】
Company to fully service consumption, research system solutions and global market situation, fully serve the consumers, innovative research and development, science and technology take the lead.

【Business philosophy 】
Wei jian mall is comprehensive with consumer products + + consumer + GuYuan secondary distribution mode operation, cross-border fusion to the ground, the customer without investment, zero risk business.

【The enterprise values 】
Comply with state laws and regulations, government support of double a project, the principle of fair, open, transparent and honest; Conscientious, efficient execution; Open a win-win mentality, Shared with partners industry growth; Create value for customers is the purpose of innovation, service, a new global retail.
【The enterprise culture 】
Sales: sales philosophy: affordable, simple, fair and transparent.
Cooperation concept: cooperation concept: good faith, cooperation, win-win and development.
Staff spirit: our staff spirit: loyal, enterprising, solidarity and cooperation.
Enterprise slogan: out of the first-class team, creates the first-class achievement, show the first-class style!