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【Project background】

     In March 1994 China formally docking world the Internet has a history of 24 years, from ma huateng of tencent QQ to ma taobao Tmall, from liu jingdong mall to Hu Wei Hui mo worship Shared cycling, etc., the Internet has created one after another of the myth. New consumer economy ”(sharinge conomy),Also referred to as the “Collaborative consumption ”(collaborativeconsumption),On the Internet is the rise of a new business model. In simple terms, consumer can through the platform to enjoy the online products and services. At present, the global economy is showing an unprecedented trend: the interaction between consumers, share, exchange, lending, leasing or other Shared economic behavior is explosive growth. Platform will +, O2O, sharing economy, thanks to the Internet to create a new retail, such as use of the Internet +, new retail, sharing information, sharing economic value system, the transformation of consumer consumption, cross-border fusion to the ground, rewrite the global consumption concept and contribute to benefit mankind. Because of the Internet technology development and the rise of collaborative consumption ——Is gradually replace obsolete and outdated traditional business model. Whether in the financial industry, tourism, education and retail, etc., sharing economy is in the ascendant trend, savage growth.

【Enterprise vision】

①To the innovation of high technology research and development
②To the capital market IPO, molded commercial brand value system
③Perfecting the P2S platform, do the industry leader

【Innovative features 】

a.A method of sales platform for the distribution of the profits
b.An object sales platform of operating system
c.Secondary distribution, a network

【Highlight the patent】

a.Static FenRun :The superior labor FenRun, dynamic FenRun: work more, double identity and sustainable income, changed “The pyramid ”Pain points .
b.Consumption scene change, entity shop in occupancy, decentralization, system, service industry chain structure of big data blocks.

【System advantage 】

a.No performance of pressure, constantly pushing goods, stock up, delivery, mat endowment, time-consuming after training, micro group of listening to lectures, brush on the face after work...
Mobile office, part-time, full-time, no regional limits.
b.System support, swallow, multiple products, repeat purchases, self-service orders, timely delivery, FenRun seconds to, immediate withdrawal, text message, open and transparent..
c.Electric business occupancy, wechat business occupancy, in physical stores, intelligent unmanned shop in, stores located, store house, cross-border business in... City express delivery services, BBS big health services,
d.Technology transfer, participation, consultation and planning services.