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"Wei jian mall" mobile version of new listings


One、Bright spot:

    ⒈Consumption becomes a member, no threshold, no misleading, (double identity: to share, and guest)

    ⒉Static can enjoy FenRun、C2C C2B B2C B2B C2CC C2BB C2BC C2CB B2BB B2CC B2BC B2CB

    ⒊Dynamic can work more, sustainable income

Two 、process:

Download → Registration → Consumption → FenRu

                        ┗ ┉ distribution→FenRun 

              Μ→Α1 →                     Level 1

                      ┗→Β10 →            Level 2




       ⒈To participate in:

        ⒉Methods:Registered consumption (has joined FenRun), then recommend to 10 or more of your friends and family,