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 On January 20, 2018, the Fourth China National Brand Influences Forum and the TV Grand Ceremony of Famous Brand Promotion Project were solemnly held in Beijing National People's Congress Conference Center. The grand meeting was jointly organized and successfully held by Beijing Private Economic Development Promotion Association, China Quality Wanlihang Quality Association, CCTV Securities Channel "Dialogue Star Brand" column group and China Federation Institute of National Industry.

  Mr. Tu Chenhao, the leader of the brand "Huasheng Famous Liquor", was invited to attend the conference. He joined more than 600 well-known brand entrepreneurs to discuss the construction of national brand names and to discuss the development of real economy, so as to contribute to the construction of Chinese national brand and to the development of real economy. The conference summarized 2017 and looked forward to 2018, and awarded medals of honor to brands that have made significant contributions and influence to society in the past year. The brand "Huasheng Famous Liquor" was awarded the 2007 "New Brand" Award and the annual "Most Competitive Brand & rdquo; Award.

  In such a grand event, Mr. Tu Chenhao, the leader of the brand "Huasheng Famous Liquor", was deeply honored and said that the brand "Huasheng Famous Liquor" had achieved such a proud achievement. From its establishment to now, in a short period of one and a half years of development, it has won the double awards of "New Brand" and "Most Competitive Brand" of the year. The concern and support of people from all walks of life can not be separated from our catching up with a good national policy and a good era, the recognition of the organizers of the conference and friends of social entrepreneurs, and the tireless pursuit and unremitting efforts of all famous Chinese alcoholic drinkers in this cause. The future economy is brand economy, and the strong brand is the strong motherland. As the founder of a national brand, Mr. Tu Chenhao places his love for the motherland, the nation and the society in this brand. Tradition goes hand in hand with the present. As a member of the Chinese nation, on the road of brand development in the future, we will make every effort to strengthen and expand the brand "Huasheng Famous Liquor", so that more people can get economic and quality sharing in the brand, to assume social responsibility to the greatest extent, and continue to properly carry forward the national spirit and national culture.