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The main composition of liquor is alcohol, chemical, ethanol, is a kind of high quantity of heat and no nutritional substances, wine degree high and low is contained alcohol percentage to determine the main components in liquor alcohol and water, accounting for about 99%, other accounts for about 1%, including fusel oil, polyhydric alcohol, aldehyde, acids, lipids, etc., in general, the higher the ethanol content, alcohol degrees, the greater the harm to human body

White wine is not only the indispensable drinks on the wine table, still has the effect that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)


1.Invigorate the role of arteries and veins

That generations of physicians in traditional Chinese medicine of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, blood action often add wine, such as the seven mile away, soup, Jin Lingzi had come loose, biochemical, or Fried with wine, or to send at the end of the medication, is a blood lend wine to sense

2.By the heat, with WenTong cold

If you can use old wine soaked white snake, black tip snake treatment product

3.Wine is the main accessories processing

Processing can make medicine potential upside, change the medicinal properties, enhancing tonic effect. Such as wine making rhubarb can reduce the effect of rhubarb xie next, increase the effect of invigorate the circulation at the same time

4.Wine has the spleen and stomach, dehumidification taste masking effect

Appropriate drinking liquor can warm the stomach, the royal cold, ask god, increase appetite, beneficial to human body health, and excessive drinking can damage health, lead to various diseases, and even death

1.Damage to the digestive system

Excessive drinking can direct damage the mouth, stomach, intestinal mucosa of the digestive system. Irritation of the gastrointestinal mucosa if often can form chronic inflammation, affect the digestion and absorption of gastric bowel function, greatly increases the incidence of lives and gastritis, the stomach soup, and then the absorption of dietary nutrients will be limited, cause the lack of nutrients to produce thin, dizziness, anemia, weakness, malnutrition symptoms such as swelling, easy to catch a cold

2.Damage to the blood system

Excessive drinking for the damage to the blood circulation system performance, liquor alcohol content as high as 40% ~ 60%, and can make the myocardial cells and interstitial edema, mitochondria degeneration, fibrosis, myocardial injury, heart and vascular lesions occur; Myocardial function abate, decreased cardiac systolic function, short of breath, chest tightness, arrhythmia, lower limb swelling heart failure performance, etc


3.Damage to the respiratory system

Excessive drinking damage the respiratory system, the defence function of lower respiratory tract, susceptible to bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis. Severely intoxicated persons may occur due to breathing and circulation centre paralytic, make breathing and heartbeat stop and death

4.Damage to nerve tissue

Excessive drinking can damage the nervous tissue, cause the neurasthenia, mental retardation, memory loss, working ability and thinking ability, blurred vision and other symptoms

5.Affect the quality of sleep

Some people think that drink before bed can help sleep, but according to the survey many patients with insomnia in the United States, about 40% of the patients often rely on drinking to help sleep, so drinking will not help to sleep before going to sleep, and this kind of practice is very harmful, although alcohol can temporarily stop the brain activity of central nervous system, to make people fall asleep quickly, but after drinking cause totally different from the normal physiologic sleep sleep. Drunk people sleep brain activity did not rest, even more active than when you don't sleep, so wake up drunk people often have dizziness, brain swelling, headache, nausea, fatigue, and so on and so forth

How to drink liquor is more healthy


1 Right amount drink white wine, 25 to 50 grams per day is limited, can restore fatigue, promote health of body and mind, every day drinks two (25 to 50 grams) of 0.5 ~ 1.0 liquor of set limit to is according to the pathology of alcohol consumption data analysis, if more than this amount, the body will not be able to timely and metabolism of alcohol in the body

2.Can't take all kinds of sedatives before and after drinking liquor, medicines, antibiotics and anti-tuberculosis medicine, otherwise it will cause adverse reactions such as headache, vomiting, diarrhea, hypoglycemia, and even lead to death, taking some Chinese traditional medicine, can use a small amount of liquor

3.Winter, in relatively poor indoor air flow, warm a small amount of alcohol, drinking on windy outside, can only make people more cold

4.Have some cookies before drinking and food such as rice, can reduce the damage of alcohol on the gastrointestinal and liver, reduce the occurrence of alcoholic fatty liver

5.Avoid mixed drinks, liquor, beer, wine, fruit wine, such as not mixed drink, or more damage to the body

6.Avoid drinking cold, generally speaking, yellow rice wine or liquor, hot wine is better than drinking cold

Liquor using tips


1.Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs with a little white wine, Fried eggs fresh soft and fragrant.

2.Fried fish

Can put some white wine, when he was boiling fish gamey smell, make the taste more delicious.

3.Making sauerkraut

Do acid ginger, pepper and acid soaking with liquor, cover tightly and container, a few days later, sour pickled cabbage delicious, spicy and tasty

4.Fried peanuts

Peanut kernel fry ripe, sheng into the pan, sprinkle with a little white wine, hot and stir well, then can hear peanut spluttered crackle, 1 hour to sprinkle a little salt, put a few days and nights through such processing of groundnut kernels to eat were crisp, not easy to return

5.Pickled salted egg

Wash and dry the duck eggs 50 after put into the tank, the other will be salt 750 grams of add a little pepper, star anise and the right amount of water to boil, add in 100 ml of liquor after being cool, stir and pour into the pot, with the water flooded egg advisable, sealed jar, 20 days


6.Remove greasy meat

When cook more fatty meat, put it in add a little white wine soaked in water for a moment and then burn, can make the dishes fat but not greasy

7.Do steamed bread

Not by surface can also be steamed buns. Tuo on the surface by a concave nest, pour a small amount of liquor, use wet cloth cover 10 minutes and can be initiated, such as has not been initiated, the dead front after steamed bread on the drawer, put a small cup of white wine, in the middle of the drawer cloth so steamed steamed bread so soft, when uncover pot found steamed steamed bread raw, cover the pot again is also difficult to ripe, at this point in the pot, add a little liquor cover, steamed to steaming pot, steamed bread can be done